Woman’s Skincare and Makeup Tips

Your complexion doesn’t define you, your skin does not define you, your acne does not define you, your hair color does not define you, your age does not define you, Your confidence defines you, how you choose to present yourself in public defines you. Therefore, women’s skin care products and women’s makeup sets have always been women’s best friends. If you get the right shot at choosing the best makeup and skincare products along with the right routine, Congratulations! If not then I am here with the best makeup tips and skincare hacks that will make you have more confidence in your self and you would start loving your self even more.

This guide is also for girls who have questions like;

  • Does moisturizer go before primer?
  • And where does eye cream fit in?
  • Should concealer be applied over or under foundation?
  • Should my concealer be lighter or dark than my skin tone?

The general rule for skin care is to apply products in order from the lightest textures first to the heaviest last so the heavier products don’t block the absorption of the lighter ones. But let’s dive into further details starting from morning to bedtime, which explains the importance of having a good skin care routine.



The first step is a freebie:
1. Cleansing:
Start the day by cleaning your face with a cleanser that works for your skin type. For example, a non-soap cleanser like Fragrance-Free Facial Cleanser is best for sensitive skin, while cleansers with an exfoliating treatment that’s gentle enough to use every day — perfect for those with acne-prone skin.

2. Serum: Facial serums are lightweight formulas that contain concentrated anti-aging actives like retinoids, ceramides, and peptides, without any extra ingredients such as heavy oils or sun protection. They absorb quickly and offer lots of anti-aging benefits.

3. Eye cream: After you’ve applied serum, pat on eye cream for extra anti-aging benefits and brightness. Don’t massage or rub for younger-looking eyes and don’t skip on your eye creams. If you are above 20, you must know how important they are.

4. Eyebrow Pencil: While moisturizer should be applied before SPF, you actually want to turn to your brows after you’re done with eye cream. Avoid creams, lotions, oils, and serums [on your brows] — everything you could possibly put on your face. It blocks the growth and makes hair shed. To protect brows, use an eyebrow pencil, then apply moisturizer on your face, followed by sunscreen.

5. Primer: Primer keeps your makeup in place. It can be especially helpful for those with oily skin and some claim that it minimizes the look of pores. It’s not completely essential to your routine, but it certainly offers some nice perks.

6. Foundation: Though you might want to tackle your dark spots, redness, and/or acne right away, you need to apply foundation before concealer. Why? “You’ll need less concealer once you’ve evened out your skin tone with foundation,”, you can cover up any noticeable problem areas with one of your favorite concealers.

7. Finishing powder: Top off your foundation and concealer with a translucent setting powder, or use a tinted one in lieu of a foundation-and-concealer combo for a more low maintenance option. After that, apply bronzer or blush to warm up your skin.

8. Eye Makeup: Follow this eye makeup routine: eye shadow, eyeliner, then mascara. Complete your routine with lipstick or lip balm, then smile, knowing you’ve successfully completed the ultimate morning beauty routine.

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Night Routine:

1. Three words: keep it simple. As you prep for bedtime, stick with a routine similar to your morning series (minus the makeup, of course). Clean the day away with a cleanser and a makeup remover
2. Finally, swap out your morning moisturizer for an overnight cream or serum.

Thinking this all seems like a lot to do in one day? Fair enough — but think of it more as a general set of guidelines to help keep your skin clean, hydrated, and protected. There’s no need to panic about not owning a serum, and there’s definitely no need to beat yourself up if you apply blush before finishing powder. After all, everyone has their own unique skin type so it makes sense that we’d each have our own unique routines as well


Common Foundation Mistakes and how to prevent them!

Foundation is one of the trickiest makeup products to use properly. While it can give you flawless skin that makes you look younger and less tired, applying it incorrectly can have the exact opposite effect. So try to avoid these common mistakes — your foundation (and face!) will thank you.

1. Picking a wrong shade: A too-light foundation washes you out and can even make you look a little sick, while a too-dark foundation can seem like a self-tanning error. Avoid using a foundation that’s the wrong shade for you by testing colors on your jawline, nose and cheeks — not the back of your hand or wrist, which are unlikely to be the same color as your face.
The proper shade should disappear into your skin. Then, head out into the daylight to see how it looks away from the harsh lights of the department store. If it’s still invisible, you’ve found the right foundation for you.

2. You apply it way too thick: We all need a little extra coverage every now and then, but that doesn’t mean you should pile on foundation everywhere—it’s not flattering. Instead, apply a base layer of foundation, then use a little extra concealer only on spots that need it.
Apply makeup to your face based upon the thickness of the supporting tissue. This means the lightest and thinnest application of makeup should be where the skin itself is the thinnest—for example, your forehead, around the eyes and bridge of the nose.
When applying foundation, less is more. Aim to enhance the skin and create a veil effect as opposed to a mask. Not only does this technique make you look years younger, it instantly freshens up your entire makeup look. Also, the foundation should always be blended down the neck to avoid any obvious lines

3. You don’t blend it well: Most of us in a hurry choose to apply foundation with our fingers and don’t blend it well. This may seem like the fastest way to apply foundation, but using your fingers leaves harsh lines on the skin. This method of application makes your base makeup look blotchy and streaky. Instead, use a damp beauty blender or a foundation brush for a more even and seamless finish.

4. Your formula is wrong: Before buying a foundation, it’s important to determine which type your skin actually needs. Have an oily complexion? It’s important to use a noncomedogenic (i.e. pore-clogging) and oil-absorbing formula.
If you have sensitive skin, look for mineral-based formulas that are free of dyes, fragrances, and preservatives that could be irritating. If your skin is dry, pick a creamy, moisturizing foundation that keeps your face hydrated.

5. You are not using any primer: When you’re in a hurry, it can be tempting to skip the primer. But it’s actually one of the biggest keys to getting a smooth, long-lasting finish for your makeup overall. If you’re worried about your foundation creasing, a silicone-based makeup primer can smooth out your skin


How to pick the right concealer shade:

For a flawless makeup look, concealer is essential. If you want your skin to glow, your features to pop, and your imperfections to fade into the background, you need to find the right shade of concealer. Your choice depends on your unique coloring, where the flaw is located, and what exactly you’re trying to hide.

• For Under-eye Concealer:
Go for a shade that’s around two shades lighter than your skin. If you have to choose between two products, for example, one that’s one shade lighter and one that’s three shades lighter- grab the concealer that’s closer to your natural skin tone.
Pro-Tip: An easy way to find a good match is to test cover-up on the veins on your wrist. If the product hides your veins and looks natural, it’ll look perfect under your eyes.

• For dark circles, spots, and scars:
If you’re looking to cover pimples and red spots, go for a product that’s exactly the same color as your own skin. Whilst it’s good to color-test your concealer before you buy, there are some general rules of thumb to follow.
Basically, if you have a light-to-medium skin tone, you’ll want to go for a yellow-based concealer. If you have medium-to-dark skin, go for an orange undertone.

• Applying Your Concealer:
When it comes to applying concealer, some makeup artists suggest that using a clean finger to lightly dab works well as the warmth from your skin helps to soften the concealer making it smoother to apply.

• Translucent setting powder:
Want a flawless look that lasts all day? You’ll need to set your concealer with a setting powder first, so it does not smudge with your foundation or crease.

• Foundation:
Concealer alone won’t cover it all. You’ll need a full-coverage foundation to mask the concealer. However, if you are using natural tone concealer for a light no-makeup look, you are good to go with the concealer alone.

• Setting spray:
Last but not least, use a top-notch setting spray to set all your makeup in place. Setting sprays come in two types luminous and matt. Based on your skin type choose a setting spray you want.
Makeup and skincare is a wide topic and I might not be able to do justice with the topic. I really hope these tips will really help you sort out your daily routine. Leave a comment below if you have any questions. Have a good day

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  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. I can say that some make up classes will not cover in detail these steps as much as you have done so far. The processes described in using primer and foundation caught my attention and I am glad you posted this article. Thanks

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  3. I am going to have to save this skincare article. After all the years of wearing makeup I did not know that the concealer came “after” the foundation! I had absolutely no idea. I also didnt know that products on the eyebrows makes them shed. Maybe that’s what happened to mine.. LOL

  4. I totally agree that neither complexion, hair style & color, age, acne or skin defines a woman. Nevertheless, these factors still play an important role in her overall game of self confidence. 

    A lady’s perception of how she looks can either help her stay confident or insecure. That is why I firmly believe every woman  should read this post. It contains detailed tips to look good and feel good.

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    1. Very well. Everyone need to boost their confident without sticking to subjective things. Anyone can be gorgeous if they choose to be so.

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    Obviously having great skin adds to how you feel about yourself and feeling confident is a lot easier if you know you are looking your best. Thanks for the great advice, and I think after reading this I am going to try a primer for the first time ever.

  8. I appreciate your effort you put into creating helpful make-up tips. Really learned a lot only by reading your article, till today I didn’t know that for under-eye concealer you have to test it on the veins of the wrists. When I had to go to an event or for an evening out I was always on a hurry and put or only foundation on my face or didn’t blend it correctly, and ended up with spots. But by reading your article now I know how to choose the correct concealer and how to apply it flawlessly. I will definitely come back for more helpful informations.

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