Women’s Inspirational Jewelry and Watches for pretty look

Jewelry and watches if selected right can change your overall look in time. Women’s jewelry and women’s watches are more than a fashion statement and are a critical component of how you choose to present yourself in public. I am a huge fan of accessories and I always pair up my simple dresses with complimentary designer women’s jewelry and designer women’s watches. My first advise is to keep women’s jewelry boxes and fill them up with few women’s inspirational jewelry bought from the best jewelry stores. So, I have come up with the best tips and tricks on selecting the best jewelry and watches to enhance your look and for you to look even more beautiful and elegant. Let me tell you a secret first, MEN ARE MORE ATTRACTED TO WOMEN WEARING ACCESSORIES!


Buying good quality jewelry that will look great on you can be a challenging process. The right piece of jewelry can make an anniversary or birthday so much more special. Of course, the holidays are when the jewelry buying goes into overdrive! There’s just so much selection – from rings, earrings, necklaces, and even charms and pendants. Your jewelry purchase says a lot about you and the person you’re giving it to. To learn how to buy the perfect jewelry and watches, I’ve gathered the most practical and affordable tips.

Create Layers With Rings, Necklaces And Bangles

EXPERIMENT. Give you jewelry a shot at what looks best on you and most of all complements the dress and shoes you are wearing.
Experiment with contrasting lengths, shapes, textures and colors to make appealing layers with rings, necklaces, watches, bangles and even in some cases earrings.
If you’re layering necklaces then go for different lengths to draw the eye up to your face. Different shapes, colors and textures will often work a treat. For bangles and bracelets, you can pretty much create an arm party of different pieces that will flash and jangle as you move. Rings can be mixed, matched and stacked in all sorts of interesting combinations.
You can even experiment with wearing multiple earrings styles if you have more than one pair of ear piercings or want to combine ear cuffs with other earrings.

How to do it?
Simply gather together a collection of necklaces and pendants of different lengths, textures and designs and try them on in different combinations to see what works. Make a note of the combinations you like if that helps to trigger your memory later.
Rinse and repeat with bangles and rings.

Don’t over-accessorize

Excess of everything is bad, we all know that. You don’t want to look like a walking jewelery showcase.
If you’re drawing attention to your face and neckline with layered necklaces or a statement jewelry piece, perhaps you don’t need an armful of bangles to compete for attention.

Or if you’re wearing a bold pair of earrings perhaps your necklace could be more subtle or not there at all (on the other hand, a bold pair of earrings with a matching necklace can sometimes work beautifully).
If you’ve accessorized with multiple pieces then consider taking a leaf out of Coco Chanel’s book: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”
Or not


Accessorize according to your dress

This sounds straight forward enough, doesn’t it? But I know that it doesn’t always happen. Before you start dressing have a think about what you most want to wear wherever you’re going.

You might decide you really want to wear a specific piece of jewelry to an outing, in which case you should choose your clothing and other accessories to work with it. Otherwise, you might pick the outfit first and then match the jewelry and accessories to it.

Either way works and if you’ve spent some time getting the combination right you should look stylish and well put together.

Wearing formal watches

The rule of thumb for a formal watch is to stick to traditional timepieces. Traditional women’s watches are extremely versatile and can be styled to any occasion or look. More importantly, they are understated. Your watch should never distract from your outfit but instead play a supporting role in pulling your look together. If you are wearing an evening dress then the most formal occasion calls for simplicity in the timepiece. A suitable dress watch only needs a thin black or brown leather strap showing only hours, minutes, seconds and maybe the date at most. If you wear a metallic strap the make sure it matches the metallic highlights in your outfit or other accessories


Don’t be a fashion slave

We’ve all known someone who is far too much of a fashion slave.

Trends influence what all of us wear to some extent, which is fine. But it’s never a good idea to slavishly follow fashion at the expense of your own taste and personality. You’ll end up losing yourself. Oh – and it’s very expensive.

Instead, try to figure out and evolve your own style which suits you and makes you feel confident. That might turn out to be unfashionable right now or at some point in the future, but if you own it then you’ll be fine.

When choosing jewelry to wear, always think about what works with your coloring, frame and a general sense of style. Take all of these things into account when you accessorize.

And don’t forget your personality: we’re all different and your personality should be allowed to shine through in terms of the jewelry you choose and how you present yourself in general.

When it comes to jewelry there are no rules

This is my most favorite rule of all: break the rules as you see fit.

Dressing up should be fun and it should be personal to you. Your style is about who you are and how you want to appear to others. It doesn’t have to be twin sets and pearls, or free-flowing and boho for that matter.

If what works for you is doing whatever you want and following none of the typical fashion tips, then my advice is: go for it.

Buying Expensive Jewelry

Plan your budget
Before you start looking around, have an amount in mind that you’re willing to spend, or a ballpark figure at least. This will help you and whatever jeweler or retailer you’re working with narrow down the options and more easily find the right piece for you.

Always buy expensive jewelry from a reputable jeweler:
No matter what piece you’re looking for, it’s important to shop with a reputable jeweler and watch retailer, ideally one you know and trust, since “they’re the ones who will be able to educate you if you need educating and they’ll be able to find the perfect piece for your budget,”
Shop only with retailers you trust. And because you can’t see the merchandise in-person, make sure you know and understand the return policy before you add anything to your cart.

If you are buying watches always double-check the warranty card:
Jewelry is an intensely personal way to express style, even for men as well (we see men wearing watches more than we watch women). But watches are now in trend equally for men and women for a long time. They tell more than just telling time.

There is nothing more embarrassing than when someone asks you time and you watch has stopped, always buy watches that have a warranty card with them. Opt those that complement your wrist the most. Never ever buy a watch on an impulsive decision as you’ll end up buying the one that does not look fit on your wrist.


Understand jewelry types:
The first thing to look at is the jewelry’s foundation, which is usually the metal. “Anywhere you go, you’ll be able to see it’s marked with 14K or 18K or platinum,”. When talking about gold, the karats refer to the purity of the piece (“carat,” on the other hand, refers to the weight of a diamond). For example, 24K gold means it’s 100 percent pure, while 18K means it’s 75 percent pure and 14K is about 58 percent pure.

Lower-karat gold tends to more durable, so 14K gold is a popular choice. Popular metals like white gold and rose gold are made by combining gold with other alloys. Rose gold is made by mixing gold with copper. White gold typically contains nickel or a mix of palladium, zinc and copper. But despite the combo, white gold isn’t usually white, so many times it’s plated with rhodium, a platinum group metal. That plating means you’ll need to give it some extra care to maintain the outer layer.

Many consumers are familiar with the four Cs of diamond shopping: carat, clarity, cut and color. The other two Cs to keep in mind are custom and creativity. Not finding something that speaks to you? Don’t be afraid to go with a custom piece or a more creative look by utilizing a colored diamond or different metals like rose gold.

Two key components of a pearl are the luster, or shine, and shape. While perfectly round pearls are the most prized, and therefore the most expensive, baroque pearls, or those with a natural shape, are also popular right now. And the good news is they’re generally cheaper.

When shopping for gemstones, you’ll typically encounter three types: natural, synthetic and imitation. Natural, as the name implies, are those dug out of the ground. Like natural pearls, these are rarer, so they’re usually pretty pricey. Even if you do happen on a natural gemstone, keep in mind that many gems are treated, either with heat to enhance the color or through the injection of colored glass or silicon.

More common are so-called “synthetic” gems. These aren’t fake but rather grown in a lab. Because they’re not as rare as natural stones, they’re generally more affordable. “Imitation” gems, by contrast, are the costume jewelry variety of stones typically made of glass.

Let us know what do you think about our exclusive jewelry and watches style guide. Do you have any questions let me know, I would love to help you out.

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  1. Hello there thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i must say they this jewelry combination is very nice it would really make a lady very actrative and it also help a lady manga their jewelry well.thanks once more I would save this article for future reference

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. I am really glad if the articles were any good for you. Just let me know if you require further information on these.

  2. I agree that the correct jewelry can make a woman more attractive but it needs to be in the right quantity, fit very well and not go overboard. I think that there are other things that make a woman more attractive but these are things you can buy. Do you think that jewelry has enhanced your life?

    1. Hi,

      Yes, you are correct. Carefully and well selected jewelry can surely improve your look and confidence among a crowd.  

  3. Hey, your guide on Jewelry and Watches for pretty look is awesome for everyone. The right piece of jewelry can make an anniversary or birthday so much more special. We must wear accessorize according to our dress. Before we start dressing have a think about what we most want to wear wherever we’re going. I enjoy a lot.

  4. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome topic I known it I would really  be of great help to the public as it ha been of help to me..I am really a lover of jewery especially watches and I have a little collecting of semi expensive once… although nits quite hard to see original wears but getting them would really change ones outfits when applied.

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  7. One of the common mistakes we commit when it comes to our jewelry is that we over-accessorize. Understanding how jewelry complements our outfit is a must. And understanding the different types of jewelry is also a point that a lot of us deem as unimportant. I think I’ll end up sharing this particular post with a couple of nice friends.

  8. Wristwatches are very good fashion for women especially when they are selected In a very nice and fashionable way, it gives them a very beautiful outfit and makes their dressing more gorgeous to look at. I always enjoy your tips in your article, they are always very nice and very applicable.

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